[VIDEO/TRANS] 130404 Leeteuk Interview with Demaclub

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130404 Full Transcript Leeeuk Interview with Demaclub

I am Army Promotion Representative, a rising star,Private First Rank, Park Jungsu/Leeteuk.

Q. How were the four months you spent doing the musical?

» My mission was the musical so I only focused on doing the musical. I did my best and worked hard to get a good result.

Q. What did you do during the musical days?

» It was really practice as soon as I woke up, and practice till I closed my eyes (to sleep). It was 有生無生 (you are alive but you are not living). Live only for musical and die only for musical. Personally, it was my first musical. There was an image that the representative of Army Promotion, and personal Park Jung Su image to be kept so I was very stressed. But this was a work I did my best in.

Q. Out of your day schedules, what time is your favorite time?

» I like the time I spend doing interviews like this.

Q. But interviews aren’t done every day?

» That’s why I want to do interviews more frequently. When I was in the society, people would ask “How does Leeteuk-ssi relieve your stress?” I would have replied “I relieve it while doing variety shows.” I am not good in drinking alcohol… and I did not have a girlfriend.. so doing variety shows, and laughing and talking with others was a happiness for me. Being in front of the camera and talking like this is a big happiness for me.

Q. Coming into promotional service now, what do you anticipate for the most?

» Uh, the time to read books… I haven’t had time to read books. I have arrived here just yesterday so I will need time to adjust… to see how things work here. I still have piles of laundry I have to do. I have to do cleaning with Kim Mooyeol first ranked private officer. I don’t think it’s time for me to have a different private time yet.

Q. Is choco-pie still the most delicious food to you?

» No.

Q.What is most delicious now then?

» I think meat is the best

Q.Like JaeYook mixed rice?

» I also want to eat ttokbbokki… and… I like foods with strong flavors.. I didn’t eat many chocolate products like choco-pie and choco-snacks even when I was in the society. I happened to eat it a lot when I was at church during training weeks. After hearing about the chocolate snacks, many people have sent… it to me in large quantities… the marshmallow inside is said to have enough (calories) to circle around the world. I am now wondering how many times I will have to go around the world.

Q. This was your first musical. What charm did you feel from it?

» I felt again that my job was full of charms. I felt very happy doing concerts, and while doing the musical, I felt many similar feelings. Because it was a live stage, I was able to interact with the audience. And because it’s not a recording like this, in each performance, the emotions I felt was different. Depending on my condition, I felt new emotions too. I was very surprised at myself. I thank the army again for giving me this chance. I think I will be able to work in more musicals after I return from the army. I thank the army again for opening the door of opportunity for me.

Q. Please talk about one funny episode from when you were performing?

» In our last performance in Seoul, Kim MooYeol first ranked private officer told me this before going in. “Many actors do many adlibs in last performance. So you can have some flexibility, don’t be so strict to yourself today.” But.. he did too many adlibs. I have done many broadcasts before and really loved doing adlibs but his adlibs… suddenly, in middle of 6.25 war, he told us to lie down. I didn’t do it but… the audience enjoyed it. I learned many things while doing this musical. It was a very fun time.

Q. Please select the best scene?

» It’s divided in first and second act. In the first act, Park Sun Woo actor who did Mr.2 is in there… He died in the end of the first act. The song we 7 sung … and the scene where I ran to him and cried, I think that was the best scene for me.

Q. What do you want to do most when you return from the army?

» I want to be very good to senior officers (people who have been to army before him).


» Jung JiHoon sunbaenim is a senior officer right now. He is the best… so I will work hard to help him from the side. Not just him but other senior officers have worked hard before we came. I think we will have to take on the work starting now. I want to become closer with them… and the Demaclub homepage.. I will try to appear many times on there.

Q. Who welcomed you most when you came to the promotional division?

» Jung JiHoon sunbaenim welcomed me greatly and Lee SangChu first ranked private officer also welcomed me.

Q. You two have met again!

» I was very happy to see him again.

Q. One more thing to say about your future activities in the army?

» I am one person who came because I was called by the country. It is a duty not a burden. I will do my best. It’s also the 60th anniversary since 6.25 war. The meaning have been changed or forgotten during the years. I will do my best to let many know the real meaning again. Until 2014 July 28th, I will do my best to let many know that Korean soldiers work hard and do their best.

Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @sj-empire.com
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