[NEWS] 130401 Super Junior′s Leeteuk Says He Misses Kang Sora

Leeteuk apparently still misses his virtual wife Kang Sora.

The March 29 broadcast of tvN′s enews visited the appointment ceremony for the 10th wave of Military Manpower Administration honorary ambassadors held on March 27. Leeteuk and Sangchoo were appointed ambassadors this day.

Leeteuk especially opened up about his former virtual wife Kang Sora, who appeared with him on We Got Married before his enlistment, and talked about how he missed her.

Kang Sora had recently talked about Leeteuk on radio, saying that she was keeping a bracelet that Leeteuk had given her.

Leeteuk said about the statement, “I felt great, but I think she′s keeping the bracelet because it′s made of gold.”

He added, “I miss Kang Sora very much also.”

When Sangchoo said he had received autographed CDs from Girls′ Generation (SNSD), Leeteuk said sadly, “I did not get signed CDs from SNSD, and the Super Junior members never came to see me either.”

Sangchoo and Leeteuk entered the army through Uijungbu on the same day, October 30, and have been active as PR agents with the Defense Media Agency.

source: enewsworld


One thought on “[NEWS] 130401 Super Junior′s Leeteuk Says He Misses Kang Sora

  1. Its good to hear from Leeteuk that he miss Kang Sora very much!… It makes us all
    the fans ” ALIVE!…” i LOVE IT!… Dimple Couple we miss you both!… Cheers!.

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