[NEWS] 130322 Kang Sora’s fan-taken pictures, golden ratio figure ‘Natural-born S-line’

Recently, on the bulletin board of an online community, several pictures were published with a title ‘Kang Sora’s stage greeting fan-taken pictures’

The public pictures featured Kang Sora’s appearance during the stage greeting of the movie Paparotti on the last 17th March. Kang Sora responded with a bright smile, revealing her appreciation towards the fans who came to greet her.

Her superior figure is really stood out. Kang Sora’s golden ratio figure, even unedited (in the pictures) has no surplus fat, is definitely something to be proud of. Her tall height and perfect S-line radiated extraordinary glow of health and beauty.

Even Kang Sora’s beauty is also perfect. Her much upgraded beauty is showed off and exuded enriched feminine beauty. Particularly the V-line of her jaw that has become slender which aroused the envy of the beholder.

Responding to this, netizens reacted “Has Kang Sora lost some weight? “She looks more beautiful” “She’s really pretty in real life” “Goddess-like” “Her fashion completes her looks” “Pretty even with the unkempt/messy hair” “The movie is fun”

Meanwhile, in the movie Paparotti, Kang Sora played for a role named Sook Hee.

* Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=324349
** Translate by : Hiedi/@nhb19
*** Take out with full credit


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