[NEWS] 130207 The Promise Magazine Interview : Park Jungsoo


Q. How do you feel about doing the musical?

Park Jung Su I will greet the Korean Army. Salute! I am Second Rank Park Jung Su. I worked as Super Junior’s Leeteuk in society. This musical was produced to remember the sacrifices those who fought in 6.25 war have made and the pain that came from the war. I believe the musical will be an eye-opener for many younger generations

Q. Introduce the role you have

Park Jung Su My role is nicknamed ‘Miss Kim’. Born in a family full of girls, the character is very soft natured and cries easily. I believe he is very similar to my real side. Thank you. Salute.

Q. Your preparation for the musical

Park Jung Su I have worked before enlisting but it’s my first time in the musical field. Because of that, I worried a lot before choosing to do the musical. I thought, “If I have to do it anyways, let’s do it so that I can hear “As expected from Super Junior’s Leeteuk. He does well!”” and worked very hard to show good side

Q. Who works the hardest?

Park Jung Su I think those with most energy are the second ranked officers. Kim Moo Yeol second rank, Lee Hyun second rank, Jee Hyun Woo second rank, and I are full of energy Jung Yun Hak Wait. Then are you saying others do not have energy? Park Jung Su (Looked surprised but still replied loudly) Yes I am! (laugh)

Q. Any funny episodes?

Park Jung Su Even when I talked loudly while doing schedules in society, my throat never went out. But because of the hard musical practice, my throat ached and I snored a lot. I apologize for snoring. (Laugh) If I talk more, I dreamed of holding a beautiful woman’s hand but when I woke up, I was holding Lee Hyun second rank’s hand and I was very surprised. (Laugh)

During the interview, Jung Tae Woo chose Leeteuk as an actor who showed talent in musical acting. He praised Leeteuk’s perfect acting despite the short practice time of 1 month. He also added that Park Jungsu is very witty, quick to respond to change, good in adlibs, and is full of experience on stage. He said he himself is learning much even though he is a sunbae in acting.

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