[NEWS] 121231 Visiting Leeteuk: Kang sora “He’s in Private 2nd Class rank (now), I surely go visit him after he pass through the Private 1st Class rank”


Actress Kang Sora is said to be considering to visit Super Junior Leeteuk.

On 31st December, behind the scenes of the MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award which aired on last 29th December has been revealed/released through a broadcast program of MBC ‘Happy Day’.

Previously on the MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award, Kang Sora together with Leeteuk have won the Popularity Award under variety show category.

Kang Sora who just appeared after the award ceremony ended, has received a question “You don’t have plan to visit Leeteuk?” from the reporter.

Prior to this Kang Sora replied ” From people around I heard that ‘It’s better if I don’t come to visit someone in army when he is still in Private 2nd Class and Private 1st Class rank because if you come visit once, you might have the tendency to continue visiting and it would bring threatens to him (*). So, after Leeteuk Oppa has pass through his army life as a Private 1st Class and Private 2nd Class rank, I’ll go visit him.”

Meanwhile to Leeteuk, Kang Sora sent a cheering message, “Even though ‘We Got Married’ has ended for quite some times but we still receive so much love. I hope when you get discharge from army, you’ll come out with a healthy body. Fighting!”

(*) Note that other army might feel uncomfortable about this and give him hard times

Source: artsnews
Translated by: Hiedi/@nhb19

**Take out with full credit

Kyaaaaaaaa my TeukSora feeling kekekeke


You may check out this video :

cr: line99kr


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] 121231 Visiting Leeteuk: Kang sora “He’s in Private 2nd Class rank (now), I surely go visit him after he pass through the Private 1st Class rank”

  1. Wow!… What a nice message, its means to say that she still care Leeteuk
    & she wants to visit him but because of those advices she will visit him
    later… Wow!… it makes me feel alive again… TeukSora Dimple Couple,
    Fifghting!!!… Cheers!.

  2. I realy can see their sincere each other and how their care to each other …..their awkward its show their true feeling of like each other…..in wgm compare than other couple. So how wonderfull couple that have so much blessing….and support from fans all over the world…..I do pray ……that lee teuk nd kang sora be together in real life …..god blesss them.

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