[NEWS] 121230 MBC Entertainment Award : Popularity Awards, Leeteuk “Kang Sora come visit me” – Kang Sora “I’ll write letters”


Leeteuk and Kang Sora has won the Popularity Award under the Variety Show category from the 2012 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award. These two people received love from fans when they appeared together as a virtual married couple through ‘We Got Married’ Season 3.

When the winner of Popularity Award was named on the evening of 29th at the MBC Broadcast Centre, Yeouido, Seoul in which the 2012 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award’ took place, Kang Sora was in charged as one of the MC of the award ceremony for the day.

“Last year, I’ve been nominated for Rookie Award and Best Couple Award but it’s a pity I couldn’t attend the award ceremony. So, I’m pleased to receive this award this year. I will work harder so I’ll grow up to be a promising person in entertainment industry.” said Kang Sora for her acceptance speech.

Leeteuk who’s currently in military service, sent a special video message instead to express his gratitude. “For giving this big award to a lacking person like me, I wanna thank the viewers and production team of ‘We Got Married” he said for his acceptance in a bright and energetic voice by shouting ‘Salute’. “The surprise appearance of Kim Moo Yeol, Ji Hyeon woo and Jeong Tae Woo, whom Leeteuk share his military life with and gave shoulder pat to Leeteuk in the special video had attracted attention.

Leeteuk also gave a cheering/supporting message to MC Sora and asked “You will come for visit right?” “I will write to you soon. If you manage to become a Sergeant or Corporal, I ‘ll go visit you ,” replied Kang Sora which drew laughter from the audience.

Translated by: Hiedi/@nhb19

cr: sports chosun

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