[NEWS] 121212 Super Junior’s Leeteuk Can’t Sleep Thinking about Rated-R Comments


Spending a glorious time in the army, Super Junior’s Leeteuk sent a letter to SBS′ Strong Heart.

On December 11’s broadcast, Boom revealed that Leeteuk sent the cast a handwritten letter that began with, “This is number 85 private, Park Jung Soo, who left his hallyu star title to become a strong and youthful Korean man.”

Leeteuk shared that he is getting used to the army and doing well. “From Super Junior leader, to an army leader, I am currently in charge of people as a squadron leader.”

Despite his absence on the show, Leeteuk drew in laughter, predicting the reactions of the cast members and even making fun of some of them.

“Whenever I lie down to sleep at 10 PM, I think about Shin Dong Yeop’s rated-R comments and can’t sleep,” said Leeteuk. “I’m going nuts here, just imagining everything.”

He warned Eunhyuk that his time will soon come and pre-congratulated Lee Dong Wook on his entertainment rookie award. He told Boom to come visit, but not alone.

“I’ve also learned something new at the army,” said Leeteuk. “My colleagues think Jung Joori and Park Kyung Lim are pretty. It was a shocker.”

He ended the letter with, “Will July 24, 2014 ever come?” drawing laughter from everyone in the studio.

cr: enewsworld

This one is interesting: “He told Boom to come visit, but not alone.” Is this a code? Hahaha #delusional :p


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