[INTERVIEW] 121214 DEMACLUB Leeteuk’s Interview


Super Junior’s Leeteuk is now Public Information Services’ Private Park Jungsoo!!

*society = non-army life

Before enlisting, Private Park Jungsoo was famous in the society as Super Junior’s Leeteuk. He was selected and transferred as a member of Defense Media Agency for Public Information Services after being discharged from the training camp. He had just become a Private for less than one week. We met him and listened to his story during that time, shall we listen to it together?*^0^*

Q. How have you been after receiving trainings and transferred to Public Information Services unit?
I enlisted on October 30th. I’ve trained hard at the training camp, after I was discharged I got transferred to Defense Media Agency, and now I’m practicing for the Korean War musical produced by Department of Defense. I’m physically a little bit tired from training hard so I was a bit worried if I would be able to do well in the musical but as I actually started practicing for the musical, I’m doing well and living happily.

Q. On the first day at training camp, what were you thinking before going to sleep?
First of all, a lot of people who have been in army said that it was really hard and lonely, but since I was enlisted together with Private Lee Sangchul (Ssangchu) both of us often talk with each other, so I felt much less lonely. When I was in the replacement depot, I kept thinking ‘Am I really in army?’ for 3 days. I actually couldn’t even believe that it was real.

Q. Do you have a memorable training at the training camp?
There are things that seem so easy to get in our daily life, but after you get into army there are many limitations. And so I became a person who’s thankful and feel happy just over a little thing. Therefore, every each of them is memorable to me but if I need to pick one it’s the shooting training. It was the first time in my whole life shooting with a gun that’s loaded with bullets. I did well in shooting such as weekly shooting and night shooting so I got the Top Shooter award from the Division General. It was such an unforgettable moment in my whole life.

Q. Is there any particular food that you like in army?
Actually before I went to army, when I was in society I couldn’t drink white milk, so during the training when they served white milk the fellow soldier beside me even drank the left over. I usually didn’t eat well before, but at the training camp I don’t even leave any single grain of rice and cleanly eat them up.

Also the Chocopie that can’t be forgotten.. The blood donation bus came. In the society, I was the Blood Donation ambassador for 4 years. So I thought that I should donor some blood. A person came at the right time, and he once worked together with me at Blood Donation public relation when I was still working in the society. He then gave me some Chocopies. I ate 8 packs of Chocopie at once, 4 tangerines, and 2 packs of sweet. I remember I ate a lot that I even wondered if I liked Chocopie that much.

When I was in society, getting a Private rank badge seemed so easy and I thought that it’s not a big deal, but when I was being a trainee I got so frustrated for 5 weeks because I wanted to wear the Private rank badge. I often talked with my fellow soldiers about when we would be able to wear the badge. When we got to wear the badge, it really felt like having the whole world.

Q. There are many past members of Public Information Services unit at the program where you appeared before you enlisted. (Such as Lee Dongwook, Boom, and Yang Sehyung) Have you ever got any advice about military service?
When I heard some stories from the seniors who have been in Public Information Services unit, they told me to work hard as much as possible in military life. The past Reservist Sergeant Lee Minho also once said that the consolatory train was meant for me. I really want to host in any Public Information or military-related events. Also, I heard from the seniors that they wish to get signed CDs of SNSD or F(X) who comes from the same company as mine, and that it would be nice if they could come visit, so I would call and tell them to spare some of their time.

Q. As a member of Public Information Service, what do you want to try the most among the military broadcasts?
I might sound greedy but I want to try it all, the military TV, radio, even consolatory train. I’ve experienced TV broadcasts a lot in the society, also since I’ve been a radio DJ for 5 years I’d like to experience what military radio feels like, and if I got to host in a consolatory train I think it would really be a huge honor for me.

Q. Your determination in the future as a member of Public Information Services?
This is Private Park Jungsoo from Defense Media Agency for Public Information Services. I will do my best for the job that’s been entrusted to me, to give all my spirit and strength for our Korean people and Korean soldiers, and work hard for my military service.
This has been Private Park Jungsoo from Defense Media Agency for Public Information Services. Salute!!

By: @sujunesia
Here’s the subbed video by @NKSubs :

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