[TRANS] 121122 Teuk’s Letter to fans

To dearest Fan! My everything E.L.F the eyes once more…

Super Junior leader Leeteuk, ah… Now it is Soldier 85 Park JungSoo!

How is everyone doing?

I moved from Uijeongbu to White Horses Forces Training Camp,

Now (I) am training together with recruits who are younger than me by 10/11 years and am doing good!

In SJ I am the leader, now in training camp I am still the leader, I am now the Company Leader for the soldiers!

I have very high popularity even in training camp! ^_^

Though before coming over there is a lot of worried and anxiety, but after experiencing it myself, I realised that this place is better than what I had heard before ^_^

Next, really thankful to all of you who sent me the letters, emails too!

I am reading all of your letters word by word, more than once that I got choked of feelings…… Really thankful to all of you!

Always very grateful to you! Heard that there’s a lot of people who came to sent me off on the day of my enlistment? As expected, everyone is the best!

Plus 7th anniversary and college entrance exams, sorry for not being able to root for all of you personally~

I am training very diligently here, I missed all of you, you guys know it right~

Also missed the times where I can get close to all of you when I went on World Tour with the members, also missed seeing the sapphire blue ocean, listening to your screams…..

Ah! Heard that Japan’s Concert DVD got number 1 best selling! Together with Boy In City 4, and…

And a lot of activities where I did participated in, everyone please anticipate for it!!

The year end ceremony awards are nearing, hope everyone is able to smile till the very last!

(I) really, really missed all of you, and (I) really really been thinking of you.

Everyone please be healthy and happy!

There’s a saying goes “Don’t smile because of happiness, but smile to achieve happiness.”

Everyone please take care!!!

E.L.F ah!! Saranghae~

From Leader Teuk!! ^_^

Source : Super Junior Official Page
Trans by : leeteukbaby@wingsforleeteuk.com


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