[TRANS] a Letter to Leeteuk from Father, Mother, and Sister Park In Young

1st Letter to Leeteuk from his father:
Written on Military daum cafe letter page at 2012.10.30. 15:12 KST

Right now, are you starting to learn everybody?
I can remember my enlistment now that I have sent you
Enlisting after living so recklessly made everything feel unfamiliar
and for special dinner, they served chicken but it smelled like chicken and there were feathers left on it so I threw it out after biting it once..ㅠㅠ
And after skipping a meal, I was hungry…
And looking back now, it’s all memory and something to tell

You enlisted after you aged so You may receive a different type of stress but
if you know that in the army, you live by the rank order, then your stress will be less
You can say 21 months is long but it’s also short
Work hard while you are serving the country and make many good memories
come back as a real man, not someone who appears to be a man
I will send messages sometimes…

-From: Father_

2nd Letter to Leeteuk from his father:

Training soldier Park Jungsu see this (First letter sent to your training location written on 11/8/2012) ..

I worried that fans might forget you after you go to army but that was proven wrong. Instead, I worry that you won’t be able to read this because of so much love from fans. It’s been very cold after you enlisted. I wonder if you have caught a cold. How is it sleeping there? It may be uncomfortable but every Korean man has to sleep on it at least once in their lifetime so accept it with a happy heart.. I worry about your relationship with younger yet higher-ranked officers. I trust that you will be okay but sometimes a person can ‘snap’ and make mistakes. And 6th was Super Junior’s 7th anniversary right? It feels like yesterday when you called me after winning 1st place for the first time after debut on channel, saying “Appa we won 1st place.” Looking back now, time is very fast.. You may be sad not being with the members you spent so much time together but forget everything in the society and focus on the duties as a soldier and recharge yourself. The 21 months are an experience you won’t feel again in your life time so I think you will become much more mature afterwards. I heard that Eunhyuk’s father will open a bakery about 200 m away from my office.. It’s lunch time. Eat well.. enough for today~~~

-To my beloved son-

Teuk’s message to his Mom :

Firstly, thank you for raising me. As a son, it seems like I’ve given alot of hurt to my mother (emotionally) so I am sorry. Even though the only thing I have left is my family, I’ve even said before that to me, I still don’t know what is family preciousness(?) so I am really sorry about that. I am aging but it seems like I am still immature so in the future, I will become a bigger person and become someone who will be able to protect his family. I love you..

Teuk Mom’s message to Teuk :

Jungsoo-ya, it has been hard on you for these period of time. At the prime age where people plays about, you just looked forward and ran without having any sort memories(left from that period of time). You may have fulfilled your dream but seeing you have schedules even 1 day before you enlist makes my heart hurt a lot. Anyhow, if you are a young man of Korea, you will have to go once, isn’t it? After you go, I hope that you will sleep well, have regular meals, receive the training bravely and come back healthily. You’ve worked hard for this period of time, I love you..

Teuk’s noona’s (Park In Young) letter to Teuk :

To the one who will never change (in my heart) no matter what he does, my lovely dongsaeng jungsoo..

It’s strange. Writing a letter like this, a lot of emotions are coming up. So the feeling of sending someone off is like this? Just like this, I suddenly thought of the time when I first left for New Zealand. I’ve heard that you and mum cried a lot at the Han River after I left. Somehow, I can understand how it felt now.Even though I dont have much thoughts whenever I see your vacant room when you were staying at the dorm but looking at your room when you are elsewhere, my heart became sour. A few days ago, I saw the mails that you wrote to me. It was written in year 2000 and we were in high school? But it was cute? In the mails, you whine to noona and at that time, you were really good in saying “i miss you” to noona..and you even said “i love you”…where did that jungsoo go? Where did he go? But now, we are both busy and is shy to express our hearts, right? Now, no, i am going to express my heart often! I love you! I will also open my time and heart and wait for the time that my dongsaeng comes to find me! I really really love you, go and come back healthily. I will always wait for you! Salute!

2012/11/25 from your noona who really loves you

cr: @teukables

sobs…cried 😥


9 thoughts on “[TRANS] a Letter to Leeteuk from Father, Mother, and Sister Park In Young

  1. I was so touch when I watch the strong heart when his mother give him a message… I wish
    that after Leeteuk will serve his military service he will come back as a man & ready to have
    a serious relationship… hopefully with Kang Sora… I miss them both a lot!… Fighting!!!…

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