[NEWS/TRANS] 121107 Leeteuk’s message for Boys in the City 4

The best group of the age! Best leader!!

2 years can be long if you say it’s long and short if you say it’s short. It’s a place I have not yet experienced so I am scared and worried. Worried that the world will change a lot while I am gone… How will have Super Junior changed while I’m gone? Will they be protecting the spot well, not changing? Will our fans wait?

But I can promise that I will return as a better and cool-er “Leeteuk” after 2 years so I can ask this. “You will wait for me right?” ^^ (You can cheat on me but the last has to be me!! kekeke)

Even if I leave the spot for a bit, please treasure the members who will continue to work. (I am worried because it’s like a father leaving his sons alone…)

And to the members I love, I trust that you will be okay without hyung because you guys are very smart. No matter how much you hate each other, you have to be like a family! We won’t ever break up. Really… Thank you really… and You guys are the best.

We will spend more time than what we have spent together. My dear members… and fans… let’s keep making good memories and amazing history.

Not a ‘moment’ but ‘forever’.. not ‘end’ but ‘and’… We are truly Super Junior!
I really thank you. Thank you for making me such a happy person… Teaching me the real ‘happiness’… Thank you. and Love you. The best group of the age! Best leader Leeteuk!! and I, human Park Jungsu.

TRANS by @NKSubs


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