[INSIGHT] Fun Facts about Kang Sora ~

I’ve been digging Sora’s old news and reading through all her tweet posts for the past few weeks. But I find it hard to translate all those and come up with this extra facts list instead.

1. She really loves bread so much to the point that she desires to get offer for bread advertising more than cosmetic brand & mobile phone ads.

2. She has been nicknamed “Yoga Teacher” among her friends because she knows many types of diet plan.

3. She likes her eyebrow the best out of her features because she feels it needs no touch-up since it is naturally thick & dark. She used to feel complex about her eyebrow before but many people say it makes her looks attractive so she feels confident about it now.

4. She does feel complex about her cheeks the most because it won’t get thinner easily.

5. She said she inherits her father’s height, eyebrow, body figure, looks and even personality but she gets her chubby cheeks from her mother.

6. She has sensitive skin so usually she wears almost no makeup in her daily life. If she is needed to wear makeup, she will put a touch of BB cream only.

7. She likes to take photos. She said she starts a hobby in taking photos because she feels it could help her acting in some ways.
8. Before she was filming kiss scenes with Yoon Seung Ho in 4th Period Mystery, she brushed her teeth many times until her gums bled because she was afraid her mouth has bad odour.
9. She went to Han River Park in the middle of the night to practice screaming and kicking her legs just to get into Ha Chun Hwa’s spirit (her role in Sunny). Since her house is near to Han River Park, she just naturally went there to practice during midnight and didn’t even feel afraid at all.
10. She injured her finger and her right wrist’s ligament a bit during filming for the fighting scene in Sunny.
11. Her favorite fashion item is t-shirt. She prefers comfortable loose fitting t-shirt rather than the one that stick to her body and she likes to wear loose t-shirt with hot pants, flip flops or sneakers.
12. She doesn’t like winter that much and she doesn’t hate rainy days either because she loves the smell of rain.
13. She likes letters from fans more than the gifts that fans gave to her.
14. Some netizens said she looks like Kim Tae Hee in certain angles so they called her the 2nd Kim Tae Hee. She also got compared to Lee Min Jung because like Lee Min Jung, she also initially went to college and chose Film & Theater major because she wanted to pursue her dreams in directing but she then ended up being an actress instead by chance.
15. She said to get accepted into Film & Theater department, her college has set up an entrance exam which is more like a camera test that one must pass. Because of that she then decided to lose her weight.
16. She said she managed to lose 20kg because her math grades wasn’t good. That’s why she chose to study/involve in theater/drama play instead. She said if she’s great in studying she might wouldn’t care to lose her weight.
17. She said her father once did a toothpaste CF with a veteran actor named Noh Joo Hyun in his younger days. Even though her father’s dream was originally to be a celebrity too, he still didn’t want her to involve in entertainment industry especially being an actress. But then both her father & mother gave in after seeing her strong determination when she succeeded in losing her weight.
18. She likes Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream the best.
19. The gift she likes to receive from her boyfriend is something homemade.
20. She is a comic maniac. She started reading comic when her mom borrowed some comic books like ‘Crayon Shinchan’ and ‘Sailormoon’ from a comic rental bookstore during her early elementary school years. The rental bookstore’s ahjumma then offered her a part-time job because she came to read comics at the bookstore very often. Other comics than she read are ‘One Piece’, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ , ‘Marine Blue’ etc.**Compiled and translated by hiedi / @nhb19
** Sources: Old interviews, news, articles and Sora’s twitter.HAN RIVER PARK~ remind me of “somebody” who often go to there lately before enlist~ Aaahh I miss him and his tweets (╥﹏╥)


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