[NEWS] 121022 Osen interview with Leeteuk

Super Junior Leeteuk is D-8 till enlisting into army. Going from the brightest Idol star to soldier, going from busy 20’s to relaxing 30’s, he found more laughter than before in this turning point in his life.

He spent his past 7 years without resting from stage nor from the broadcasting station locations. He is now spending his time reading “Things you can see when you finally stop” and relaxing. This time may be sad and depressing for him but he has promised himself to always think positively. His voice was bright when we interviewed him recently.

(Leeteuk) “Time really passes fast. I recently told Donghae ‘Only 13 days left…’ and Donghae said ‘Hyung, it’s 12 days.’… Now it’s only 1 week-ish. Time really is fast… I feel that. The world looks different according to my mindset, this is what I learned through reading. I try to stay positive.”

He will miss broadcasts and stage when he leaves Celebrity world for a bit. As a leader of a globally popular group, and as an entertainer that appears on many variety shows, he’s been ‘all in’ for ‘work’

(Leeteuk) “I usually was unable to call people often… But these days, I look at my phone often. I think ‘I should have done better to those who helped me…’ so these days, I try to do my best to meet them. After talking with my friends, I realized that the world is great. I finally learned how to relax in life. I should have met people and played like this earlier.” (laugh)

Super Junior’s Kangin has already finished his service and Heechul is currently serving his time but Leeteuk’s enlistment is different. As the center of the group, the empty space will be great. Who the next leader will be is in interest of many. Leeteuk laughed.

(Leeteuk) “members do well so I’m just going to go. If I were to give it to someone (and they do well), I might not have a spot after returning. I will just say ‘I will trust you guys!’ and go (laugh)”

The ones most worried should be Super Junior…

(Leeteuk) “We do have worries but… the worst scenario is the team weakening while I’m gone. That, is the hardest thing. But I trust the members. I trust that they will do well.”

Leeteuk’s goal of becoming a solo MC of a talk show is still there. He started off as a guest, and now he is MC of ‘Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’. He promised to return as a helpful MC after army service. He told Kang HoDong in their recent phonecall, “I will return and help hyung!”

(Leeteuk) “I think I will still be an MC after returning (laugh) Hyungs are very strong so I want to learn from the side. I am far from real MC… I want to study Japanese and do MC in Japan too! There will be much to learn in the army. I will do my best to do whatever they ask me to do.”

Born in 1983, he will soon be in his 30’s. He has promised himself to become more hard at heart.

“I want to wrap up my shining 20’s well. and I think in 30’s I need to return that love I received. The ‘only passion’ time has passed and now, I think it’s time for me to become experienced and hard person. Ever since I was young, I was very ‘light’ so teacher (SM) told me before “Don’t stay up in the clouds all the time, step on the ground for once.’ (laugh) I think it’s time for me to step on the ground.”

Upcoming ‘Strong Heart’ last recording on 25th is his last schedule. You don’t get to rest.

“What if I cry? Hyungs tell me that their biggest regret in going to army is that they cried going into it. I will do my best not to cry. (laugh)”

FIGTHING Park Jung Soo!!! We will be waiting for you ^____^


One thought on “[NEWS] 121022 Osen interview with Leeteuk

  1. Admin UwiE, thank you very much for sharing this interview, I really love it!… Kang Sora is trying
    to give us a little bit hint of how she really feels during that WGM show, and she is not acting but
    she show it to the viewers & to the fans her genuine care & feelings for Leeteuk… Nice!… Cheers!.

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