[TWITTER] 121015 Leeteuk twitter update

@special1004: 전세계 트랜딩에..깜짝 아르바이트가 올랐네요~^^다음번에는 줄도 잘 서고 질서 잘지켜야 되요!!그래야 한번 더 할테니까 오늘 너무 위험했던 상황들이 많았어요..ㅠㅠ다음에 한번 더 할게요!!
[Trans] Trending in the whole world..surprise part-time work came up~^^Next time(,) you have to stand in a line and keep to that line well!! Today(,) there were a lot of dangerous situations so because of that(,) I am going to do it once more..ㅠㅠ i will do it once more next time!!

By : @teukables

@special1004: 코나빈스 폭발입니다..ㅠㅠ 줄서야 사고 안나요!!!
[Trans] Kona Beans is exploding..ㅠㅠ Stand in line so there’ll be no accidents !!!”

@special1004: 오늘5시!!!코나빈스에서 만나요!!!!
[Trans] today ad 5:00!!! I’ll see you at Kona Beans!!!!
By: Me


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