[INSIGHT] Who’s the girl in this picture?

121018 High Cut Magazine – Super Junior (Leeteuk,Yesung,Donghae,Eunhyuk,Ryewook,Kyuhyun)

Let see Leeteuk’s picture more clearly here :

Teuk goes next to the girls ~ ~ ~ sora ^ ^!

same hair style..same gesture hands..wear strip t-shirt..omo omo omo..so happy and excited 🙂 !!


cr: Leeteuk tumblr and as tagged (@mywebfoot)

thanks a lot to Teuk Sora page and Elaine Saw for the tip ^^!


10 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Who’s the girl in this picture?

  1. it is not her…. because Sora’s hand palm should be thinner and fingers are longer
    T-shirt is also different from the news photo. in the highcut, the girl’s t-shirt has some red dot randomly ….

  2. hey, did you notice the picture in the computer? isnt that Sora’s picture for the recent clothing brand? Ehehe… looks the same

  3. leeteuk is a bit taller than sora if he wears flat shoes, besides leeteuk looks taller here because he closer to the camera..

    I hope she’s KANG SORA, TOO -.-

  4. In my mind, i believe that the lady is kang sora. The red dot on her stripped shirt seems like photoshop rather than original design. The red dot just scattered anywhere. I would think that the red dots are purposely photoshop as they needed to published the photo because they know if the shirt come as it is, public can guess easily that it is her especially teukso’s fan that have been following the couple. The lady’s shirt and the hair are similar to Sora’s on their last episode of WGM. Look at the way her hand touched the bang, it is so Sora. She always touch her hair in WGM. For me, it kind of her habit doing it. So, for me it is Sora. ^_^

  5. as much as i want to believe it’s sora, but i cant…T.T
    i mean, it’s pictures for magazine..wouldn’t it be an issue (not for us of course :p) if Sora is around?

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