[TWITTER] 120926 Leeteuk twitter update

@special1004: BS국장님께서 직접 주신 감사패..!!스타킹5년동안 구석지리에서 하계단씩 앞으로 보조엠씨에서 메인엠까지..나에게 많은 경험과 배움을준 프로그램..지난주에 마지막 녹화을 마췄습니다..
[Trans] I received a appreciation plaque from the Director of SBS personally..!!For 5 years on Star King(,) from the corner seat at the bottom(,) from the assistant MC at the front to the main MC..a program that gave me lots of experiences and (made me) learn a lot..with last week’s filming(,) it ended..

@special1004: 그동안 출연해주셨던 출연자분들 시청자분들 장시간 녹화에도 열심히해주셨던 연예인 패널분들!!늘고심이 많으셨던 작가분들 피디님 이하 모든 스텝분들 고생하셨습니다…!!!!스타중에 스타 킹중에킹~~스타킹!!!앞으로 많은 사랑 부탁드리겠습니다!!
Those people who made an appearance (on the show) during that period(,) the viewers (and) the celebrity panel who worked hard to film for a long time!! The writers(,) PD-nims and all the staff members who always worked hard(,) you’ve worked hard…!!!! The star of all the stars(,) the king of all the kings~~star king!!! Please give it lots of love in the future!!

Trans by: @teukables


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