[TWITTER] 120917 Leeteuk and Sora twitter update

@special1004: 우리 팬들 태풍오는데 나 촬영하는거 어떻게 알고 왔어요?ㅠㅠ오지말지!!!집에들 조힘히 들어가기!!!!사랑한다 특바 특수니등^^
[TRANS] dear fans, there’s a typhoon coming!! How did you know about filming?Shouldnt come! Always love you Teukbar,teuksuni..

Trans by: @ELF_thoughts

[Translation of Sora’s tweet]
Interviews for “Merida and the Magical Forest” start from today! (Though it is said to be) Autumn rain in Samcheongdong (a place name)…It is now raining a bit harsh

@reveramess :오늘부터 메리다 인터뷰 시작! 삼청동은 가을비..라고 하기엔 조금 거친 비가 내리고 있습니당

Translated by Hanyi
Please take out with credits


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