[TWITTER] 120914 Leeteuk & Kang Sora twitter update

@special1004: 휴가보내줬더니 패션쇼가면 어떻하니..혁아.. http://t.co/A2JieNMG
[Trans] You said you left for a vacation, how could you do a fashion show..? Hyuk-ah..

@special1004: 다들 해외나가고~덩그러니 한국에 남겨진 이특과 시원~둘이 오붓하게 맥주를~난 콜라를 ㅋ시원이는 취해도 저런모습을..잠든모습임 ㅋ12시만났는데 머리부터발끝까지 풀세팅을~널 다비드 아니 시비드 조각상이라해줄게 ㅋ http://t.co/IXHzvn0Z
[Trans] The others are going overseas~ Only Leeteuk and Siwon who are left alone in Korea~ The two of us are having quality time drinking beer~ I drink cola ㅋ Even when drunk Siwon still looks like that.. it’s how he looks when sleeping ㅋ We’re meeting at 12AM, but he’s fully well dressed from head to toe~ Not ‘David’, but I will call you ‘Si-vid Statue’ ㅋ

@special1004: 8~9명 있는 모임에 나가면 나를 좋아해주는 사람이 2~3명 나를 싫어하는 사람이1~2명 당연한 이치입니다 서로 개인의 생각과 입장이있기에 억지로 맞추려고 하지마세요^^
[Trans] If I go out in a meeting between 8~9 people, there would be 2~3 people who likes me and 1~2 people who doesn’t like me, that’s just normal. Because every each of us have our own thoughts and perspectives, don’t force yourself to fit in and please everyone^^

Trans by : @sujunesia

@reveramess: 오늘밤도 역시나일듯.. 궁극적인 해결책은 무엇인가.. 영화 한편 더봐야겠다!
[Trans] It seems tonight also (I can’t sleep).. What’s the ultimate solution.. On the other hand, I’m going to watch more movies!
Trans by: Me

She couldn’t sleep again, it’s three night on a row ><


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