[TWITTER] 120913 Kang Sora twitter update (120911-120913)

<Translation of Sora’s tweet> I stayed up all night for two days… What is the reason…
@reveramess: 이틀 밤을 새고있다… 원인은 과연 무엇인가…
Trans by: @tsl08

[Translation of Sora’s tweet]
The VIP Premier of “Merida and the Magic Forest” for press was finished! A lot of kids came so you could imagine their vivid reaction together ~ cute kids…!!
@reveramess: 메리다와 마법의숲 언론 Vip시사를 모두 마쳤습니다! 아이들이 많아서 그런지 생생한 리액션과 함께 감상할수 있었어요~ 귀요미들…!! http://t.co/Ufez1mPn
Trans by: @Hanyissi

[Trans] Sobs T today too I’m staying up all night…
@reveramess: 흑흑ㅜ 오늘도밤샘…
Trans by: @dzudzu2

Sora’s tweet trans: On the set together with Dal Soo sunbaenim. He is our mascot fairy for the movie.. Dal Soo fairy..
@reveramess: 달수 선배님과 함께 촬영장에서…!! 우리 영화의 마스코트 요정이십니다.. 달수요정… http://t.co/3gc1i7yI
Trans by: hiedi (@nhb19)

Please take out with full credit.

On the other hand, baby princess seems active in twitter but she couldn’t sleep in these two days ㅠㅠ I’m worried …


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