[INSIGHT] Leeteuk & Sora have same striped shirt?

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on the last episode we saw Sora wear striped shirt with a heart for the logo ^^..then Teuk gave her a couple shoes too ๐Ÿ™‚

but look at that..Leeteuk seems has same striped shirt with Sora >____<!! not similar but same! Leeteuk wear that on Sukira around December,23th 2011. This really make me surprised and can’t believe it they have shirt couple…kkkk..their “relationship” sign really bold now..here another proof with this striped shirt :

and here more clearly about their striped shirt :

okay Leeteuk and Sora..don’t hide your close relationship >___< but if that way what you choose..please give us more signs..kkkk..really love this couple ^^

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4 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Leeteuk & Sora have same striped shirt?

  1. anniv…. well if you found it that Leeteuk was wearing that stripe shirt way back on July or August
    2011 before they become a couple in WGM… so it means to say that they really meant for each
    other!… I wish!… But I don’t loose hope… Always fingers cross for them to be together… Cheers!.

  2. I think he was wearing this shirt on the night they moved into dimple house. Maybe he left it for her and thats why she wore it on their last day in dimple house. Very sweet.

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