[TWITTER] 120904 Leeteuk and Kang Sora twitter update

Leeteuk twitter:
[Trans] @special1004 Toy i liked the best.. And my great grandmother that I liked the best..^^ That kid~~ really~~ hand~~some!!!^^ keke I am missing many people these days. Is fall coming?

@special1004: 내가 제일 좋아했던 장난감..내가 제일 좋아했던 우리 증조 할머니..^^고 녀셕~~참 잘~알~~~~생겼네!!!!^^ㅋㅋ요즘들어서 사람들이 너무나도 그리워지네~이제 가을이오려나?…

[trans] @special1004: I’m not exercising today~~^^ Go home early!!!

@special1004: 오늘 운동안해요~~^^집에 일찍들어가세요!!!
Cr: @NKSubs
He tweeted last night and this early morning..

Sora twitter:
[Trans] @reveramess: I have returned to Korea and found out that Autumn has come…I have to work hard again!

@reveramess 한국 오니 가을이 다 됐다… 다시 열심히 일해야지!
Cr: @Hanyissi
She tweeted around 1hour ago

Soooooo…. DC Lovers… Why do you think he didn’t go to gym last night and went to spa for massage, and why he still awake at 3 or 4 am this morning?? Can you see “red string” in their tweet… My guess, HE DIDN’T GO TO GYM INSTEAD GO TO SPA AND STILL AWAKE TILL EARLY MORNING BECAUSE HE WANT TO PICK UP HER AT THE AIRPORT AND HE WANT TO LOOK FRESH FOR HIS DARLING!! THAT’S WHY HE ASKED FANS TO GO HOME!!! Tell me delusional!!! I don’t care!!! Feel like dancing now!!! Lalalalala~


3 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120904 Leeteuk and Kang Sora twitter update

  1. I agree with you -UwiE- and I hope you can give us a fallow up info during the arrival of Kang
    Sora from States… I love this couple very much & I’m gonna fallow & support the dimple couple
    all the way… Thanks a lot!… Cheers!.

  2. awww….the ending is super sad….but our leeteuk gave sora a kiss on the lips and said goodbye…im sure when you watched it….crying will be our hobby….

  3. 今回、トゥクソラの未公開映像がUPされましたが、MBCの公式で話題のシーンが見れるページがあるのですよ!

    そしたら他の未公開シーンも出してくれるかもしれませんね \(^o^)/



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