[FANACC] 120903 Star King recording : Leeteuk said he had finished filming WGM

Mianhe DC Lovers~ ♥ but I wish I can hug you all now TT____TT

120903 Star King recording: teuk said he had finished filming wgm and this week’s episode will be the last episode. During today’s recording, there was a crawling action and teuk stretched his hands and legs to crawl and his butt kept shaking. There were a lot of fans from different countries today and he collected lots of presents and kept greeting happily in different languages. He said he would not be taking part in the filming of Shinhwa broadcast.

cr: @teukables

andweeee ;____; andweee ;_____;
can I hug you my prince and baby princess
(my tears can’t stop now) andweeee ;_____;
please just your comments…I don’t LIKE this at all TT_______TT


8 thoughts on “[FANACC] 120903 Star King recording : Leeteuk said he had finished filming WGM

  1. ohh mann, it’s such a pity, i’d cry while watching the episode.. They didn’t even have their wedding ceremony and the coupons aren’t used yet 😥 T_____T

  2. I never thought that i would cry just by hearing this news (of course i’m gonna cry when the episode airs) but here i am at work and crying like a baby 😥 and customers are watching me and thinking that i’m crazy 😀 i’m gonna miss them sooooooo much. Did they film the last episode before sora went to u.s.a?

  3. i think teukie will enlist at the end of this month…right after their concert in jakarta on the 23rd…i guess he wouldnt want his ELF fans in jakarta crying over because he is not there…sad but we all know its gonna happen…enlistment is a must in korea…we just have to waitfor him…and hopefully before his enlistment he has something to announce about sora…hehehe….hope they are dating in real life…

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