4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120901 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.30 (Cut)

  1. Oh my gosh!… Is that all?… Why is it that the TeukSora episode is getting short, its really
    annoying… why the MBC is doing that to our Dimple Couple… But anyway I’m still happy to
    them even just a short episode cause my weekend will not be complete without watching our
    dearest Dimple Couple… And to all the fans of Dimple Couple… Fighting!… cheers!.

  2. i hate MBC why so short ? I hate this episode,i know it’s funny,but i imagine more..Firelight and shooting stars at night..TeukSo snuggling in a cozy sleeping bag together (delusional mode on)..I am big fan of this couple,an as fans (viewers) we deserve at least 15 minutes per episode..I swear I’m leaving WGM once TeukSo is done..and don’t tell me they can’t shoot proper divorce episode (I imagine in a stadium,with 1000 balloons,and Only U song as background)..fake or real,MBC be FAIR please!

  3. I think why MBC is doing this, is to extend the broadcast period of Teukso couple. By showing a shorter duration each episode, they will be able to show more episodes. But then, only 7 minutes of broadcast after waiting for 1 week is too little.. A little too extreme from MBC, I feel…

  4. still can’t think logically, why MBC do this only with teukso couple? sounds unfair and the fact is like that. well, i can still enjoy seeing them together even in shortly period.
    anyway, is there know about the BGM, the piano instrument? please share if you know. i really really want it 🙂

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