[TWITTER] 120827 Leeteuk twitter update

[trans] @special1004 the saddest thing to me.. Is leaving you beautiful guys behind.. Time flies when u are in love so i’ll return as cool guy. I promise!!^^ take care of my dongsaengs. I’ll be watching!! Let’s become strong enough that nobody can touch us!! Love you!!

@special1004: 내가 가장슬픈건..이렇게 이쁜 너희들을 두고 가는거야..사랑하는 시간은 빨리간다니까 더 멋지게 돌아온다!!약속할게!!!^^우리 동생들 잘 챙겨주고!!다 지켜보고 있을거야!!아무도 건딜수없게 단단해지자!!사랑한다!!!

cr: @NKSubs
Thanks Hety Melinda for the tip ^^

Yes, Mr.Park Jung Soo, time flies when U’RE IN LOVE *uhuk hehehe
We will be waiting for U, 2 years is nothing when U have someone (everyone) who’s waiting for U, Hwaiting!!!


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