[INSIGHT] Leeteuk real wishes or he already planning to get Sora become his wife?

cr: kimp05

okay DC Lovers..you can called me too delusional ^^; ..but this is really something quite coincidental and I seem to think this is a good destiny..Well let me explain it..did you still remember DC episode 19? where DC double date with Donghae-Eunseo at the amusement park? at the end part (you may see the GIF)

Leeteuk said to Sora “10 years later will be like this” .. they imagine holding the hand of a child right? and Leeteuk asked Sora “It’s been four years right?” (although he only pretending about their marriage life, but sora reply with an answer very sincerely and sweet) ^_______^
so what I think is a very coincidental?
Why Leeteuk asked to Sora this has been 4 years? (My opinion is he asked this pretending it’s the time of year their marriage life..LOL XD ) why not ask for 5 years or 3 years?
so I imagined like this..Leeteuk already have a plan to GET A REAL MARRIAGE WITH SORA ^______^!! because :
1 year they meet and know each other during WGM

In 2 years Leeteuk will army and he also announce an important sign to his beloved future wife on Strong Heart

“I’m being completely serious right now, but since I’m enlisting this year, I will 100% find a girlfriend before I leave.”

“If that girl waits for me for two years, I think she’s somebody that will not wait for me for the rest of her life,” he said. “If I do end up beginning a relationship before I leave and she does wait for me, I will marry that girl within 5 years.”
then 1 year (first meet and know each other in WGM) + 5 years (army and have relationship and romance) + 4 years married life = 10 years later will be like this :

Dimple Couple hapily ever after ^____________^

am I right?

(ssssttt..Leeteuk is perfectionist ^^, he always doing something with a plan and detail, look at when he always bring a note and make a questions list for Dimple House..so what do you think? :D)


*please take out with full and proper credits

18 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Leeteuk real wishes or he already planning to get Sora become his wife?

  1. I hope it will come true….!!!!!!!! ^^
    You’re right Vinnie, Leeteuk always have a plan in his live.. and I think no one can make him change his mind.. 🙂

  2. You’re amazing! thanks for all details, make sense! hope to be true! Love Sora, very nice girl, don’t give up Leetuek! Aja! Aja!

  3. he’s not using his coupon maybe….we’ll never know…maybe the last goodbye will be the most exciting…just cross the bridge when that time comes….fighting Dimple couples fans…Just continue your support to the both of them…

  4. ^_^
    can’t stop smiling after read this >> “then 1 year (first meet and know each other
    in WGM) + 5 years (army and have
    relationship and romance) + 4 years married
    life = 10 years later will be like this”

    neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu johae~ <3<3
    it will be a great day if oneday teuk oppa make an announcement that he's married to sora.. let's pray hard to make it real!!! P(^_^)P

  5. I agree with you admin “VinniE” that Leeteuk always doing a plan & most of the time he is a
    perfectionist, he is very friendly guy but very choosy for his things specially for his private life!…
    I am hoping & wishing for TeukSora to become a REAL couple… they are well balance in every
    angle!… the best couple!… We will pray together that all our wishes for Dimple Couple will come
    true & continue our support for them!… dimple Couple fans fighting!!!… Cheers!.

  6. Hye guys ! I found another evidence ! Try to watch back Dimple couple Episode 8 ( part 3 ) You can watch it n kshownow.net . Look at the last 2 minutes .Where leeteuk admit that He REALLY like Sora . And admin maybe you guys can spread it . Well , I also think that they’re going to end up together till end . And they had the most skinship in WGM . I love it . Hihihi That’s all . Don’t forget to watch it !

    • I remembered that part… when Shindong oppa said “I think you will falling in love for real, if you joined WGM.. it’s weird if you don’t fall in love w/ her..” and Leeteuk oppa said WGM make him worried.. when Shindong asked him if he really like her, Leeteuk immediately say YES.. ^^

      • I remember that one too!, they were talking while having a dinner before
        their concert in LA, USA…

  7. Can’t stop smiling, thks admin for making my heart rest assurely on those couple fate.
    I’m so excited, they deserve each other. I hope LeeTeuk propose to her after he finish his service,
    Sora-shii please wait LeeTeuk oppa anda don’t fall for someone else~
    She said she will visit him right? I’ll be waiting for that time…Kyaaaa!!! >_< !!!!

  8. There is a possibility that it might happen coz as we all knew that Leeteuk always
    plan for the next or the future, and might be his future wife or ideal wife he found
    that with Kang Sora during with there short & genuine getting to know with each
    other at WGM show… And I’m wishing that it will come true!… I miss the “Dimple
    Couple”… Cheers!.

  9. They are so sweet together and he is so sweet to her. I felt a lot of chemistry flowing between them so I hope it is true. She did visit him at the base or went to see his show “promise” so she still cares about him. Leeteuk seems like a very sweet, loyal, and dedicated guy and I hope that he ends up with Sora because she seems to have the same qualities that he has. OMG, did you guys see the episode where he meets Sora’s mom and dad. It was hilarious, and he and the dad became best friend.

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