[TWITTER] 120824 Leeteuk twitter update

[trans] @special1004 loving someone is..not about race, age, and skin color. It’s Just about both of you feeling happiness and love. Then aren’t we in love? Always thankful and I love you..^^

@specia1004: 누군가를 아끼고 사랑한다는건..국적..나이..피부색은 전혀 중요한것이아니다 그저 서로가 서로를 아끼고 행복하다고 사랑하다고 느껴지는것..그것이 우리와 너희와의 사랑이 아닐까?..늘 고맙고 사랑한다..^^
Trans by: @NKSubs

Ehemmm Leader who is YOU? Kkkkkk We Love You too ^____^


2 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120824 Leeteuk twitter update

  1. Admin “UwiE”, I got the same question as you!… WHO IS YOU?… Our leader is very obvious that
    he is in love!… I really hope that he is in love to our dearest “Baby Princess Sora”… I don’t want to
    be delusional but I’m still hoping & wishing for their REAL relationship!… Cheers!.

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