[NOTICE] Project for Dimple Couple Honeymoon ♥♥!

URGENT! ATTENTION Dimple Couple Lovers, Fighting Dimples and TeukSora Lovers ^^!

TSL Korean are now running an event to urge MBC to send Lee Teuk and Sora for their long-awaited honeymoon immediately. If you also want to realize this little humble wish, please take a photo or make an artwork to express your demand for Teuk and Sora honeymoon. TSL Korean will help gather all the petition and send to MBC. We must collect as much as we can ^^!

You may check out the possible format of photos here for your own ideas:


Please send your works to sepia0814@naver.com.

Let’s do this together! Time is running out and this may be the last thing that we can help the couple before Teukie’s enlistment! Fighting!

If you want to write “Please give us TeukSora’s honeymoon” in Hangul, it is”특강부부 신혼여행 주세요”! You can change into 보조개부부 for Dimple Couple as well (@Hanyissi), like this :

Deadline is August, 21th 2012

Please kindly to participate with us ^^, thank you~


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