[SPOILER] 120818 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.28

Q: What is the day today?Sora: Today is the day for me to be Teukie’s one-day manager as promised last time!

SR passed LT her name card: If you want to be a star, please contact me (card wrote: Dimple Entertainment Kang Sora) >>>> Sora’s pict so cute ^________^!!

When Teuk greeting Sora with “it’s very hot today” Sora fanned him at once. S: Mr Artist, I am your One-day Manager. Teuk: Manager? Can manager wear skirt?

Teuk: Instead of wanting to eat something, I want to go somewhere. My wife visits a place often In Yeoyuido which sells food.I want to go there.

Leeteuk suggested Sora to go on a trip by driving to the rural areas to improve her driving skills. Sora said “Oppa to drive for me” sweetly.

Sora was too focused on driving & didn’t know Teukie was referring to Min when T said he had not seen this close friend for some time.

Sora said “Since this is your first visit to this restaurant I’ll show you some delicious dishes on the menu”.

cr: Hanyi


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