11 thoughts on “[RAW VIDEO] 120818 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.28 (Cut)

    • agreee with loulou hmmmm it’s not !!!!!!!! Whyyyyyy that’s so short !!!!! uhhhhhh MBC !!!!! OMG it’s so mad we waited so long long long long long weeeeek

      • yupp… today episode is just about Sora become Leteeuk’s manager, they had lunch with Sungmin.. and then they going to swimming pool, but it’s just until they arrived and they already change their clothes. so today episode is just 10 or 14 minutes I think.. 😦

  1. i’ve watched it ….and yes…thats all they aired…much of the episode goes to the new couple and the MCs…anyways…lets just wait again next week…

  2. Qri : cant get angry with mbc cos they’re the ones showing the wgm to us ! We relax and wait though wanna bite them but relax , breathe in…breathe out !!
    If what mbry say is right. Thats a bumber . How can they do this to usssssssss ! Its really ridiculous !!
    at least show the whole thing of going to lunch , swimming !! This one only show us Sungmin cut !! ok ok gonna cool down and watch the reruns again !! @_@
    breathe in….breathe out ……………………………hhhhhhhhhhhhuuu

  3. i’m so disappointed ..after that long week i’ve wait..all i’ve got is this short..wgm production what is this where is the full episode?

  4. it started when sora announced she will be the one day manager of leeteuk…then they had lunch with sungmin…after that…they went for swimming…then woojung couple episode with
    them…and the last 30mins was with the new couple…though i thought they will not air the woojung couple because of the scandal but i was wrong…yes its too short for a long wait…hope it gets better next week…

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