[FANART] Happy Dimples Day \(^_____^)/!

Hello all DC Lover ^^!
Happy DIMPLEs DAY \(^_^)/
Although I don’t know if I can streaming today’s episode, but I’m still happy coz finally we can watch uri Dimple Couple again, double happy for me because Sungmin is in the episode too (yes, I’m Sungmin biased) kkkkk ^^

And for today’s episode, I would like to introducing to DC Lovers, a new sub unit, New Trio “TeukSoMin” ..and here’s their picture teaser ^^!

Note: Don’t take it seriously, I made this just for FUN ~ No other intention other than I’m just DC Lover and Sungmin biased ^^!

Have a Great Day Everyone…. \(^_^)/


5 thoughts on “[FANART] Happy Dimples Day \(^_____^)/!

  1. I think Kang Sora feels for Sungmin as her brother in law only, whom she can ask about her
    “Prince Leeteuk” and she just admire his good voice but nothing more than that!… Well if
    Sungmin has an extra feelings for Sora, I can’t blame him because Kang Sora is so lovely,
    beautiful inside & out!, adorable & gorgeous to look at!… But I think Sungmin also respect
    a lot to his “hyung Leeteuk”… Cheers!.

  2. I love SUNGMIN… and the rest of the SUPER JUNIOR but most specially to our dearest
    “DIMPLE COUPLE”… Thanks to the admin for posting!… Cheers!.

  3. I also support TeukSoMin!! Sungmin can be their child LOL. I mean in SJ, sungmin (and other members too) are like Teuk’s sons anyway kkkk

  4. and even in the fanart you made they’re like a family already, with similar pink-white outfit ❤ and love the fact that white is Teuk's color while pink is Sungmin's color x)

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