[INSIGHT] Leeteuk gives bold sign day by day

120811 Super Junior – SPY performance : Leeteuk make V sign

120812 Super Junior SPY performance on SBS Inkigayo : Leeteuk give flying kiss at 3.02








120815 Super Junior on Shim Shim Tapa Radio : Leeteuk give V when he coming











120815 SM.ART EXHIBITION – Leeteuk V sign on Yesung twitter

thanks HeleChui for pict tip ^^!

cr gif : as tagged

only fans know ^^ #justsaying


*please take out the insight with full credit, thanks 🙂

9 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Leeteuk gives bold sign day by day

  1. yah yah thats right ! That means he’s getting more confident in showing his love to the world !
    ANDDDDD confirming that Kang Sora is HIS girlfriend ! or else why all this just for the sake of a show !! oooooh ! I justttt love the sound of that ! His girlfriend ^^
    I don’t see other couple doing anything like that outside of their variety show !!

  2. i have a bad feeling about this… what if this means that these will be the last days of dimple couple… and what the hell was that hug? the only one who leeteuk should be hugging is sora! and there will be new couple… that might mean that one couple will be leaving…

  3. lets just hope that they will be a real couple after wgm…and sora will wait for oppa leeteuk after his enlistment…then as promised by leeteuk, he will marry that person in five years…lets just hope for this and keep on supporting both of them… 🙂

  4. thts right ! mbry ! They have their outside of the show’s real life relationship thats more than enough even if dnt see them on WGM. though will not be the same any more and will keep on watching reruns until they are married for real !! Keep wishing them together !!!!! DC forever !! Like SUJU forever !!

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