[TWITTER] 120815 Leeteuk twitter update

@specia1004: 어릴적부터 지금까지 참 자신감 없던나그래서 데뷔후지금까지 바뀌지 않는 헤어스타일~다른머리하면 챙피하고 그래서바꾸지 못했는데 이제 7년되니까 깨고싶었다~감출수록 컴플랙스는 심해진다고~이제 다 도전해보겠어..^^

[trans] @special1004 ever since I was a kid, I didn’t have confidence. So I never changed hairstyle since debut~ I get embarrassed w/ other hairstyles so I couldn’t change it but since it’s been 7 years since debut, I wanted to break that rule~ Your complex gets worse the more you hide it~ I want to try everything now..^^

@special1004: 노래를 최고로 잘하진 못하지만 춤을 최고로 잘추진 못하지만 콘서트는 누구못지않게 열정적으로 최선을 다할수있다고 자부한다..내가 미칠수있는 유일한 공간..난 무슨 길을 가야 맞는걸까?

[trans] @special1004 I’m not the best in singing and also not best in dancing but I am as passionate as the next guy in concerts and I’m proud of this.. The only space I can get crazy in.. which road is the correct road for me?

source : @special1004

trans by : @NKSubs


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