[TWITTER] 120815 Leeteuk twitter update

@special1004: 비가 참 시원하게 내린다~^^ 오늘 또 배웠다..열심히 하는것과 곤조는 한끝차이라고 말씀해주셨다..이제 나를 좀 아끼고 사랑해줘야겠어..^^그동안 열심한 내가 어느순간 그것이 곤조가 되진 않았는지 돌아보게 된다..가끔 이런비 좋아^^

[trans] @special1004 it’s raining a lot ~^^ I learned again today.. working hard and gonzo has just a feather difference.. I should treasure myself now and love myself..^^ Sometimes I look back at my hard work and think about it being gonzo.. rain like this sometimes is good ^^

Trans by: @NKSubs
Leader, where is your buin?? Miss her T.T


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