[NEWS] Leeteuk properly displays his ‘chocolate abs’ on ‘Strong Heart’!

After teasing fans with a glimpse at his newly chiseled body, Super Junior leader Leeteuk properly displayed his muscular physique on ‘Strong Heart‘!

On the August 14th broadcast of the show, Leeteuk’s face radiated with confidence as he unveiled his flawless ‘chocolate abs’ to steal the attention of fans and viewers alike.

The ladies on set could not hide their shock upon setting eyes on Leeteuk’s new body, and praised him on his hard work.

I wonder if his ‘We Got Married‘ partner Kang Sora watched the episode?

Source & Image: OSEN

cr: allkpop

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

I love the last sentence ^^..every Leeteuk’s news now has been tag with Sora 🙂


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] Leeteuk properly displays his ‘chocolate abs’ on ‘Strong Heart’!

  1. Oh my god…..:-) choa.choa.ha.ha.ha.minimal bisa melihat di sini.SM town di jakarta gak dapat tiket.lagian aq tinggal di jogjakarta.untung heechul gak datang,kalo sampai datang aq bisa gila.SM TOWN IN JAKARTA.FIGHTING…DAEBAK!

  2. OMG his body is insanely HOT, the nerd hairstyle and tie give him look very sexy, Sora you’re very lucky girl.Maybe with this pictures finally Teukie can kiss Sora.

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