[TWITTER] 120814 Leeteuk Twitter Update

@special1004: 조만간 스타킹 몸짱킹에서 공개합니다!!^^

[Trans] @Special1004 will reveal body soon on Star King body king !!^^

@special1004: 악마를 보았다..!!^^ㅋ 일끝나고 매일같이 운동한 결과가~~운동밖에 할게 없었더니..ㅋㅋ좋아할일인지~~무보정 무조명!!등에 악마보이게 하는게 어렵다는데 식단 조절없이도^^뿌듯하다!!

[Trans] @special1004 i saw the devil!!^^ ke. Result of exercising after work everyday~~ i only had exercising to do anyways… Keke i wonder if i should like this.. ~~ nothing edited no lighting effect! It’s hard to show the devil on the back but I did it without meal plan changing^^ proud of it!!

@special1004: 내가 진행하는 프로이니 만큼 누구보다도 열심히 해서 좋은 모습 보여드릴게요~^^난 대충 하는거 싫어해요~~그리고 오빠 몸이 징그러워요 할수 있는데 일단 보세요 진짜 슬림하구 이쁠거에요 기대해주세요!!^^ㅋ

[Trans] @special1004 it’s a program i MC in so I want to do my best and show good looks~^^ I hate doing things half-hearted~~ and you can say “oppa’s body looks disgustingg~~” but look at it first. I’ll look really slim and pretty! Anticipate for it!! Keke ^^

source: @special1004

trans by : @NKSubs

Speechless ~ ..He looks really hype today ^^


One thought on “[TWITTER] 120814 Leeteuk Twitter Update

  1. To Leetuek : You don’t like to do things half-heartedly then marry Kang Sora before you to the army…don’t hang there half way !!
    Just want to see you and ur Kang Sora married and happy . When you come out of the army , she’ll be waiting for you with your twins !! : )

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