[INSIGHT] 120811 Leeteuk “V sign” on SPY performance

caps by Reynimyr


thanks Nguyen Phuong for the video tip ^^!

you can see Leeteuk “V sign” on 2.59 ๐Ÿ™‚ he supposedly do gun hand for SPY performance, but he suddenly make his two finger like a V pose..kkkk..this not just coincidence but he for sure know what he do ^___^


13 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] 120811 Leeteuk “V sign” on SPY performance

  1. screaming!!!!!! i was like omg leeteuk did a V sign ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh reminds me of sora indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teukso โค

  2. French fan : MBC cancelled it ! due to Eunjung’s girl group scandal thingy !
    Hmmmph ! bite bite bite bite you , mbc ! Dnt hv to put her part , just gv us only DC only !
    Well, what to do ! Have to wait patiently for next week AGAIN ! Que Sera Sera..
    At least , thks , Vinnie and the admin for putting up the clip of Leetuek showing the V sign !!
    Yeah ! That made me happy !

  3. I have a bad feeling for this ‘V’ sign…… I hope it’s not the last mission for ending their WGM…… because it’s like so sudden, out of the blue, that teukie do this sign on shows….. I DON’T want them to end!! I want them to be together for real!!

  4. this sucks… i mean no dimple couple this week… if it doesn’t come next week, i’m gonna be really mad!
    but i screamed when i saw this! i had to double checked it to be sure ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe sora gave oppa a mission :))

  5. I think is the first time I saw Leeteuk oppa doing a V-sign again, since He promote A-cha.. because I don’t see him doing V-sign like this during SFS.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ya.. that’s why I am really really scare!! I hope it’s not the last mission.. I will cry if WGM teukso end!! T.T Please be together forever teukso!!

  6. it is for real mission from kang sora ?i hope they can to be real couple because i like see they together for in real life ok i hope it’s to true

  7. Cheryl,why be scared that it’ll be their last mission. They’re gonna be together, I can feeel it in me bones !
    Just keep on thinking : THey’re gonna be together ! They’re gonna be together ………………………… !
    Remember the power of attraction from the universe ! When u think its gonna happen, its gonna happen !

  8. uhhhh goshhshshsshsh F****ing mbc!!!!! anybody now mbc8s site let’s say we wanna watch DC y r u guys always canceled it cuz stupid airs????? let’s say it!!!! i really really mad hmmmmmm waiting waiting ….. DC!!!! <<<<>>>

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