5 thoughts on “[GIF] Leeteuk drinking alcohol

  1. I hope they will always take care of each other during filming WGM or not. I will always support them because i already love them. ❤ Dimple Couple forever.

  2. They’re already in love ! In one of the episode, leetuek mentioned to his suju bros that its difficult to film WGM and Shindong said : “Is it because you’ll love her ?”
    Leetuek said : “Yes,in filming together, we hv to love each other and when you love something, it’ll become real love. I just worry that I’m the only one feeling that way .”
    In the x’mas episode when Sora was put under a truth and lie detector, she was asked if she thinks of her husband, Leetuek, every second, every moment. She said : “Yes.” straight away and the detector confirmed as the truth, she was telling the truth and the mc asked her whether she liked him or not . She said she liked him.
    Just want to clarify that we dnt hv to think its real or not ! Just believe what we hear and see from their body language and believe its true !

  3. I really agree that we do not have to confirm it because whether we like it or not, some will say they are not real and some will say they are not real. What is important is that we see them happy. They love what they are doing, and we support them whatever happens. :))))

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