[TWITTER PROJECT] Kang Sora 3rd Year Debut Anniversary

cr fanart: Lil_V

[Project] Please join us to celebrate Kang Sora 3rd Year Debut Anniversary on twitter trending project on August 12th, 12PM KST with hashtag #Sora3rdYearDebut

Send your support to @reveramess (Kang Sora’s account twitter) and please not mention other celebrities’ name and only related to Sora’s carrier.

Note: you can change your avatar with Kang Sora’s Picture 🙂

Thank you for your support ^_____^


2 thoughts on “[TWITTER PROJECT] Kang Sora 3rd Year Debut Anniversary

  1. i wish kang sora unnie always healthy strong and kang sora unnie carrier will be bright as sunshine.. i hope kang sora unnie and leeteuk become real couple.. because they are my healer when my heart empty..

    and do you ever imagine what if kang sora playing a role as a spy or assasination? that will be AWWeSSOME.. because i had a a daydream when kang sora playing that role ( spy or assasination role) and then the scene change and she become a vampire, (realy weird dream but i think really awesome)

    and i hope someone make for kang sora fanart if she become vampire or spy kekekeke ( sorry for long comment )

    p.s ( i had that dream when i play superjunior spy song kekeke )

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