[FANTAKEN] Kang Sora on new movie “My Sam” filming location

cr: JiJyoNi DCinside KangSora

thanks MC Squared for the tip ^^!

can’t wait her new movie~ >___<! but her hairstyle similar with Leeteuk now…kekeke..really love this couple ❤


9 thoughts on “[FANTAKEN] Kang Sora on new movie “My Sam” filming location

  1. VinniE, Is there any RAW video of Dimple Couple Ep 28?… You don’t mind to upload it!,
    cause I am so excited to watch it since this morning!… I miss the Dimple Couple a lot…
    Thanks very much!… Cheers!.

  2. Hi qri, loulou, and cebsjc98 ^___^..I’m so sorry not post the news in blog but only in facebook page..the news from MBC WGM Official Site “WGM will be postponed on August,4th and airing again on August,11th due to Men Double – semi final (Badminton) Olympics” so until now we don’t have any DC episode..cheers~!

    VinniE 🙂

  3. Nowaday with mobilephone, everyone has become paparazi ! I am really feel sorry for the celebrities lives. They never can escape from public eyes… Look at KSR face! She were terrified 😦

  4. Thks Vinnie ! qri, dnt hate mbc ! They’re the ones who put Leetuek and Kang sora together !
    Thank them actually ! Weekend is here , gonna c them again ! …can bite them if they dnt air ! hi hi

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