[INSIGHT] Whether Leeteuk send a secret message to us?

120803 Super Junior Leeteuk going to Japan to held SM TOWN in Tokyo and here some fantaken of him at Japan Airport :

cr: as tagged

Leeteuk took a photo of Japanese fans who waiting Super Junior at Japan Airport..what exactly he wanna do? would not it be more easy and convenient to take a picture with both hands? why should he do the V sign with another hand? whether he deliberately asked the fans to get them with a V-sign pose?

and Leeteuk tweet the photos on the twitter on August, 3rd :

@special1004 : 일본공항역시 어마어마하게 많이 나오셨네요~^^고마워요!!! pic.twitter.com/8gnPbDfD

@special1004 : Many people came to Japan Airport as expected~^^ Thanks!!!

and do you remember we made Video for Dimple Couple on their 300th Day Anniversary and we take many V & Double V sign around the world to support them right? and some of wonderful word in our video written like this :

Perhaps many would think V & Double V is a common sign…

But for TeukSora fans, this sign has more special meaning since WGM Episode 8 :)

That’s why in this 300th Day of TeukSora…We presents the 300 V & Double V sign from many part of the world which wholeheartedly done with prayers and congratulatory

so are you happy now ^____^? why?? I believe Leeteuk do this and tweet to us (or Sora) beacuse he already saw our support for them on their 300th Day Anniversary Video..we made V & DOUBLE V SIGN THERE ^__^!

many fans asked why Teuk and Sora not have any reaction with our support? they have~ but the word that I can tell you now “Only Fans Know It”

(LOL..maybe you should count V sign in that photo and Leeteuk almost collect half of our project TT____TT hahaha…)


7 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Whether Leeteuk send a secret message to us?

  1. lets all believe in it admin hehe :)) 1 day they’ll be real
    but, no preview 2day,
    does that mean 😦 no ep for this week too?

  2. have you see Leeteuk’s tweet, before he went to japan? he wrote:

    @special1004: 일본smtown 잘 다녀오겠습니다!!!^^진짜 엄청난 인파..안전사고 조심해 주시구요!!이번에도 미친듯이 멋진공연하고 올게요!!! http://t.co/V95tEQhw

    @special1004: Japan’s smtown(,) I will go and come back well!!!^^a really huge crowd..please be careful of safety!!I will also do a handsome performance like crazy this time!!!

    seems like he said to someone.. that he will come back to Korea safely.. 😀

    * I kept thinking that he said this to Sora.. (am I crazy)*

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