[TWITTER] 120727 Leeteuk’s twitter update – Teuk’s Poet

@special1004 : 내 맘속에 오직 너..니 맘속에 오직 나..같은 하늘 다른곳 우린 잠시 떨어져 지금 이순간 영원히 잊지 말고 기억해.. 차가운 바람이 불어오면 손끝에 스치는 그 느낌이 니 곁에 늘 있단걸… -특 시인- ㅋ리팩기대하세요 ㅋㅋ

Trans by kpoplove :

@special1004 : There is only you in my heart..Your heart has only me..Under the same sky, at two different places, we are temporary apart . Don’t forget this moment right now and remember it forever.. that the feel of the cool breeze brush against your fingertips is always with you…-Teuk the poet – ㅋPlease look forward to the repackage album ㅋㅋ

Trans by @NKsubs :

“In my heart only you.. in your heart only me…under the same sky in two different places we will be seperate for a short time. Remember this moment forever… when the cold wind blows, that feeling is always by your side… -Teuk poet- (ke) anticipate for repack (keke)”

cr: @special1004 and kpoplove, @NKsubs

thanks Teteh Susi for the tip ^^!

This is you call “Roman-Teuk” ^_____^


One thought on “[TWITTER] 120727 Leeteuk’s twitter update – Teuk’s Poet

  1. I agree with that “ROMANTEUK” cause when the WGM show is back on air… Leeteuk is very
    much ROMANTIC and his closeness with Kang Sora is really awesome!, specially after their
    wedding photo shoot & meeting Sora’s parents… I just hope & wish that twitter message is really
    for Kang Sora cause I can see that Kang Sora has genuine special feelings for Leeteuk… All the
    best for them with their lovey dovey relationship!… Fighting!… Cheers!.

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