[NEWS] Won Bin & Kang Sora look like a couple in recent photo shoot

An eye-catching photograph of actors Won Bin and Kang Sora was recently revealed.

On the 25th, the photo was posted to an online community site with the title Won Bin and Kang Sora lately”. Won Bin and Kang Sora can be seen shooting for the 2012 F/W catalog of a clothing brand.

The picture especially drew attention because of their affectionate, couple-like pose.

Netizens who came across the post commented, “Won Bin and Kang Sora look good together,” “They look like a couple,” “I want Kang Sora’s beauty,” “I’m jealous of Won Bin,” and more.

Source + Image: Sports Dongah

cr: allkpop

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

awww..how about Leeteuk?kekeke…


8 thoughts on “[NEWS] Won Bin & Kang Sora look like a couple in recent photo shoot

  1. The most important thing is ..where is Kang SOra’s heart is !! Photoshoots always hv a lot of scenes like scenes of being a couple etc . so they hv to look the part ! I still believe in Sora that her heart is with Leetuek, her hubby !! this photoshoot is just her job !

    • I agree with you “lolo” and you are right!… A photo shoot can make a lot of scenes that makes
      them looks like a couple and at the end of the day still, it is a job!… the important is Sora’s heart
      is belongs to Leeteuk… Dimple Couple fighting!… Cheers!.

  2. Modeling is the same as acting. It is giving the appearance of it, but that is not it. She is soo beautiful. I hope her and Leeteuk really end up together because acting or not they really look like they like eachother.

  3. Kang Sora looks a lot better with LeeTeuk next to her! Amazing chemistry with LeeTeuk. You can tell Won Bin is a lot lot older. LeeTeuk may be 6 or 7 years older than Sora but no one can tell,

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