[FANVID] 120726 Dimple Couple 300th Day Anniversary Project – Double V Sign Photos Worldwide Fans


Happy Teuk Sora 300th Days

To Leeteuk and Kang Sora,

Perhaps many would think V & Double V is a common sign…

But for TeukSora fans, this sign has more special meaning since WGM Episode 8 🙂

That’s why in this 300th Day of TeukSora…We presents the 300 V & Double V sign from many part of the world which wholeheartedly done with prayers and congratulatory

Thank you so much for every smile you gave to us everytime we watched your happy moments together.
We learned the meaning of happiness and you make our life brighter every day.
Thank you for ascending our cheeks to heaven ^^

We wish you have many beautiful memories & happiness to be share each other.
And we hope you can celebrate many more anniversaries together in the future.

Once again, Happy TeukSora 300th Day Anniversary!

With love and best wishes,

TSL China & TeukSora International Fans
(Fighting Dimples & Dimple Couple Lovers)

11 thoughts on “[FANVID] 120726 Dimple Couple 300th Day Anniversary Project – Double V Sign Photos Worldwide Fans

  1. OMG! I wish I could have participated. T.T
    Wow!!! it’s so cool!!!!
    Thank you for making this for the TeukSo couple. ;3

    happy 300th day anniversary Leeteuk and Sora xD
    I hope you guys will get married for real xD lol. 😀

  2. I cried when I saw this video. I was soooo touched cos I know now that I’m not the only one wishing to be married , everywhere around hoped so too !!
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much from the botttom of my heart for making this video for TeukSo couple to watch. Let them know that we want them to be married and hv a happy life together.
    Hope they can see this blog , too !
    Dimple Couple , love and prayers from me !! My prayers are being offered up everyday when I go for my daily masses at church. Prayers offered to the Lord Jesus to bless their love, their marriage, their commitment to each other and their families !!
    If Sora has to wait for Leetuek to come out of the Army, pray that she’ll be faithful only to Leetuek !Also goes to Leetuek that he’ll be faithful to Sora too !! I BELIEVE and hv FAITH in their love!

  3. i love dimple couple..i watch wgm only to teukso.i hope they are real couple in the future,,,ohhhhhh,,teukso i love you…

  4. Wow!… We are so happy to see this 300th Day video for our dearest TEUKSORA DIMPLE
    Couple!…We love them so much and we hope that Kang Sora & Leeteuk will be faithful with
    each other…We hope and we pray that they will be guided & be stronger for their realtionship!…
    We will support them all the way… V V ….. ^ __ ^

    From all of us here in CHRISTCHURCH – NEW ZEALAND… Cheers!

  5. thật vui vì có thật nhiều người ủng hộ TeukSo, vui đến phát khóc. Ban đầu bắt gặp nhiều bạn dùng lời lẽ k hay cho Sora unnie thấy rất buồn..cũng k hiểu tại sao các bạn ấy lại phản đối Teuk oppa và Sora unnie là 1 đôi??? nhưng mình tin, chúng ta_những người yêu quý Dimple Couple luôn mong rằng họ sẽ thật sự yêu nhau và hạnh phúc, cám ơn mọi người.Tks!

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