5 thoughts on “[GIF] Wanted A Kiss

  1. Leeteuk oppa respect sora’s parents so he will not do it….and i think dis is good 4 him bcoz leeteuk oppa’s shown a good attitude in front of sora’s parents….maybe next time he might be kiss it hi hi hi

  2. He really looks like he wanted to do it and Sora was ready for it too ! Ah well ! as you said the parents are there have to behave !
    Wud love so much to see them kiss !
    Gosh ! the more I see them together , the more I can see that they’re sooooooo matched for each other !

  3. Gah… why do I have have a feeling that Teukie will be one heck of a good kisser… must be his seductive dimple… haha… That aside… I think they both really want to do it but with Sora parents, its just awkward, not to mention, photographer, the whole filming team etc…

    This episode is all kinda funny, coz Teuk is all like “yes I can ace this!” and Sora is so dumbstruck by her parents presence… it so cute… but so sweet to see the parents have a good impression of their “Lee-seobang”…

    Dimples couple hwaiting!

    P/S: And yes I hope they didn’t lose Dimple House to Jangwoo+Eunjung!

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