7 thoughts on “[ENG SUB VIDEO] 120721 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.27

  1. I love sora’s dad! He’s the best 🙂 but the woojung couple… How can they be like that? Eunjung is just spoiled kid… Hate her!

  2. Woojung couple should not be doing that to Dimple couple..it’s very low..I don’t hate them but I don’t like them as well.

  3. Dear Admins..
    i am just worry..other blog in wordpress take down because their provide direct link to kshownow. The reason is because kshownow use adlfy links and it’s violate wordpress rule. So to avoid problems in future before this blog more noticable. i hope you can alternate the link like to the kshownow twitter or other..so just suggestion..

    and guys..this episode just some kind mission so just take lightly and have fun..this is impossible for teukso losing their home..most likely they just switch it momentarily so teukso can have romantic vacation and bond for more closer..just thought..

  4. I don’t like that the Woojung couple gonna scam the house of Dimple couple which is their
    lovely “HOME”… I don’t care whether it is a MISSION, SCRIPTED OR NOT!”… But still its
    bad to the viewers specially who love the “Dimple Couple” like me!… And also that it is their
    first visit to the Dimple Couple… I am not against with the “Woojung Couple” but I hate of
    what they are doing to the dimple Couple!… Its really BAD and I hate that!… Hopefully that
    the Woojung Couple WON’T succeed of their Bad intension!… All the best to “TeukSora
    Dimple Couple”… Cheers!.

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