[NEWS] Kang So Ra’s first love makes Leeteuk burn in jealousy

Actress Kang So Ra revealed the photos from her childhood.

The July 21st episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ featured the wedding photo shoot of Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple.

The couple were having their wedding photo shoot 10 months after their marriage and Leeteuk was caught by surprise when Kang So Ra’s parents made an unexpected visit.

The photo shoot seemed especially difficult for Leeteuk who had to do it in front of Kang So Ra’s parents. After the shoot the family had boiled duck for dinner. The mood was somewhat awkward at first but they slowly broke the ice with conversations.

While they were having a fun conversation Kang So Ra’s mother brought an album containing Kang So Ra’s photos from her childhood. Kang So Ra stated watching the photos, “My mom used to love to dress me up like a princess”, and she explained the reason why so many of her clothes had laces on them.

Seeing Kang So Ra’s photos Leeteuk stated, “Really pretty. You had a woman’s face even then.”

However, the smiles on Leeteuk’s face disappeared when he saw photos of Kang So Ra with her guy friends. Leeteuk’s jealous peaked when he saw the handsome kid who was Kang So Ra’s first love as he commented, “I don’t think he’s handsome at all”, making Kang So Ra burst into laughter.

cr: kpopfever

thanks Jellia Live for the tip ^^!


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Kang So Ra’s first love makes Leeteuk burn in jealousy

  1. Sora is super ultra adorable and irresistable ! Just imagine their own future twins ! Can imagine their adorable faces like Sora and Leetuek ! kekeke

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