[NEWS] Kang Sora – ELLE Magazine August ’12 Interview

A: Thick make up and bold hair styles are unexpectedly looks good on you.

Q: Bulgy hairstyle is really like Princess Merida  that I dubbed lately!(smile) At first thick make up was unfamiliar to me because usually I don’t put on make up but I like this ‘powerful(it means scary? or horrible looking person) sis’ character.

Q : Then you dont like make up?
A : It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in make up but I dont put on make up frequently because my make up is not better than erasing the make up. strangely a boundary line is made between face and neck.
A : recently, your unusually long legs are topic. your legs take up 105cm in your 168 height!
Q : because my upper body is short. but I dont want to make an issue using that kind of things. Korea is the only country that make an issue using body parts like face size or V-line. It just makes extorted standards it just make money to a plastic surgeon. so I’m not happy with it.
Q : Right. but im curious of your long legs secret?
A : first my mom and dad are tall so maybe genetical reasons would be most important? but it would have been a help that I drank much milk when I was young. I drank almost 1 liter per day.
Q : it’s good to stand out variety parts like movie, drama, entertainment, model but if you choose one part among them, what would you choose?
A : of course. an actress. It was so lucky to have variety experience. I think all of them would be a good nutritive element to be a better actress.
Q : experiences would be assets to an actress, then what do you want to do recently?
A : Travel!  I want to go anywhere but the problem is the time. because filming of new movie would be start soon. There are really many things that I want to do. cafe that hang on the screen on a one side of wall for couple to watch movie all night . there would be no margin (smile) and I want to make a place for students and amateurs to act or have a performance and help them to achieve their dreams by make that place free to lease.
Q : your ambition is uncommon! what do you do when you don’t have any special schedule?
A : I watch exhibition or theater. I reserved a ticket <니 부모 얼굴이 보고싶다> and i’m going to see a photo exhibition.
Q : There are many stars who born in 1990. Yoona of ‘Girl’s Generation’, Sin Se-kyung and Go Ah-ra. do you have familiar friend?
A : I didn’t have chance to meet them. I think it’s because there was no cases to work with same age group. I meet ‘dream high’ friends frequently. Jin-woon, Ji-su, ji-yeon of ‘tara’. Ah I became familiar with Ryu Seung-ryong recently.
Q : if you have a role model, who is he or she?
A : there are too many people. is it greedy? I want ro learn this point from this person and I want to learn that point from that person. I always said seniors so juniors this time. Kim go-eun of ‘은교’, I like Sin Se-gyeng or Lee yeon-hee too. I think there are many things to learn from same age group.
Q : if you got a casting offer of 은교(it was no children under 19), what would you do?
A : the problem is not just take off the clothes. I don’t have confidence with love act. I even cannot act kiss scene well. I think it’s because that I’m not seasoned.
Q : you losed 20kg before, I think you would have a obsession about yo-yo(back to previous weight).
A : I eat happily when I want to eat. I know it because I was fat that it’s terrible to eat much after starvation. it’s the best to walk with friends or mom chatting away at han river(한강).
Q : but if you want to eat snacks or between meal, what do you do?
A : I eat one package of rawist everyday and it would be a help to me. I eat them simply at morning and before lunch and dinner when i am hungry because it makes me feel full(satiety).

Q : What beauty care do you most care recently? (just.. recently what do you care most on your skin?)
A : relax and moisturizing. my skin is sensitive so if I’m tired just a few, skin trouble would caused. so I use aloes face pack or spray moisture mist frequently.

Translation By @TSL08

cr: kangsora.wordpress.com

thanks MC Squared for the tip ^^!

through this interview we can know Sora more ^___^..


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] Kang Sora – ELLE Magazine August ’12 Interview

  1. I like this interview cause I really wanted to know more the other side of Kang Sora, aside from
    being an on screen wife of our leader Prince Leeteuk!…. And No wonder that she has a very fine
    & silky skin, cause she drink a lot of milk when she was young… obviously she got her height from
    her father & her Mom is not short as well, that’s why she’s tall… I love Kang Sora… Dimple Couple
    the best!…Fighting!… And thanks for posting & English translations… Cheers!.

  2. This is why I love her. I hope that her and leeteuk end up together they seem so perfect for eachother. She can do her acting, modeling, cf”s, time will fly then leeteuk will be out of the military and they can continue. They weren’t together for months for wgm and they couldn’t wait to see eachother. I think they can hold out for 2 years I do they both will be so busy I will go quick. She is just sooo beautiful in this pic. She can be swee, cute, sexy, all of it.

  3. “…………… I dont want to make an issue using that kind of things. Korea is the only country that make an issue using body parts like face size or V-line. It just makes extorted standards it just make money to a plastic surgeon. so I’m not happy with it.” SORA, I LOVE YOU! Youre not only beautiful and smart in acting, but the way you speak is also unbelievable

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