6 thoughts on “[PICT] 120717 Official – MBC ‘We Got Married’ Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Believe in one thing , Kiiem ! Their true story of their love and marriage will carry on from now on !! TRUE marriage and all, not virtual anymore !! He had told everybody through strong heart that he wants to have a real girlfriend and be married for real as long as his girlfriend the one in the relationship with him will wait for 2 years for him ! Hip hip hurray ! Gonna believe and support Kang Sora and Leetuek on that !!

  2. loulou, you are right!… I can sense that Leeteuk & Kang Sora are now dating base of their answers
    or statement that they have given to the interviews like Leeteuk when they have their photo shoot
    the photographer ask him to kiss Sora…

    LEETEUK – said ” But I don’t really want us to have a OUR first kiss in front of so many people”…
    KANG SORA – said ” I appreciated that Oppa kiss me in the forehead, I thought he being
    consideret of me & I don’t think he wanted to have OUR first kiss like that either. I want us to have
    OUR first kiss when the emotions are right!”…

    Oh gosh…Our Baby Princess Sora & our leader Prince Leeteuk has fall in love with each other…
    I love our Dimple Couple very much!… All the best for them… Fighting!… Cheers!.

    • yep ! cebsjc98 ! Gosh ! they’re such a romantic couple! can feel their vibes of romance eventhough we’re watching on tv. OOh ! such a wonderful feelings, makes me warm inside to see such wonderful love blossoming !! 3 cheers for them !!

  3. They look perfect together like that.
    I love them so much ♥

    They must make a wedding album. It will great!

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