5 thoughts on “[GIF] Lovely Dovey Dimple Couple on Wedding Day

  1. their is a part when he does the kiss on the forhead or Sora that her rolls his eyes back making it as if he really like her !!!! let just hope ! my favorite couple is back and running yay cant wait for next ep !!!!!

  2. Leeteuk oppa…!!! I think you really really like her….!!!! LEETEUK-SORA…!!! please got married for real,… I think Sora will be waiting for you, for 2 years.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. so cute… i really love the scene when lee teuk staring at sora then sora look at him, he smiled and hug sora…. i love dimple couple so much.. hoping that before lee teuk entered in army, they will become couple for real and more episode to watch….

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