One thought on “[ENG SUB VIDEO] 120714 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.26

  1. What a very nice & lovely wedding photo shots that all the fans of DImple Couple will be more
    happier & memorable one… And I just notice with Kang Sora’s funny facial reaction, when
    Leeteuk ask her who she wanted to sing for their wedding… And I think she just want Leeteuk
    reaction or make him more jealous that’s why she answered ” Sungmin”… For me Leeteuk
    should not get jealous to Sungmin cause he is a good brother to him!, I can see that Kang Sora
    really likes Leeteuk for REAL… and I think she just want to get closer to Sungmin just to get to know more of Leeteuk, and for me Sungmin is a kind of person that you can easily to talk with
    & sincere… I love the Dimple Couple very much… I am hoping & wishing for their relationship
    will be become REAL… To TeukSora & All DC Lovers!… FIGHTING!… Cheers!.

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